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Hi my name is Grace and sometimes I like to draw a thing

Here is where I post those things.

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whoa who dat

FURSONA REF just because I think she’s so dang cute

I’m gonna call her Grayson uvu

idk I guess I have a fursona now

Not a big deal, but I made an about me!! I figured if people just want to learn about the artist side of me on this blog I’d make something short uvu

Champion Grace ready to battle!

So finally after like 4 days I have finished my Championsona!!!

Idk if mine is as interesting as everyone else’s but I had fun doing it!!

I’d be a water/dark type trainer who slips funny song lyrics in her speech. B)

I also used this screenshot from the pokemon anime as a reference for their pose!! I believe it’s from episode 91 uvu

I have needed to practice expressions for a while now so today I tried that!!! ;o;

I tired to push things a bit and tried to be a little more detailed so it looks slightly different than my normal style, it looks good imo though!!! ^v^

There’s never a bad time for some lads u v u

maybe tomorrow I’ll draw Team Gents!!!


This furry tho

Idk who this is but she pretty

Trying to get back into animal crossing!!! i drew both of my characters ;o;

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